About Us

Founded in 1995, GlobalSoft, Inc. delivers cutting-edge technology products and consulting services to users of Informatica MDM technology. We have the industry's deepest expertise in Informatica MDM, based on years of outstanding client service and a proven track record of successfully helping software vendors across a wide range of industry segments meet their systems needs.

GlobalSoft is unique in its ability to deliver exceptional value to both solution-owners and solution-providers. Our experience working with clients to solve their challenges provides us with customer insight when working with vendors. And our intimate knowledge of a vendor's technology allows us to assist clients with greater breadth and depth.

At GlobalSoft, we work closely with our clients to understand their business needs and develop applications specifically targeted to deliver their business proposition. Through our Development and Support Center in Bangalore, we provide continuous operational support so enhancements and upgrades can be addressed quickly, with lower costs and greater return on investment. And by staying engaged, we provide our clients with greater insight into the ongoing use and development of their software solutions.

GlobalSoft's consultants have extensive experience in delivering data management and enterprise integration solutions, with backgrounds that include working with global system integrators and leading software vendors.