The Addition of Aleri Fuels Growth at GlobalSoft

CEP Vendor chooses GlobalSoft to Extend Services

San Jose, CA - June 2009 GlobalSoft Solutions, Inc., a boutique software consultancy specializing in Integration, Data Management, and Web Application Development, has landed Aleri as their next client. Aleri, a leading provider of complex event processing (CEP) technologies has selected GlobalSoft to assist with the expansion of services to their customer base.

Under this arrangement it is planned that GlobalSoft will assist with the development and delivery of an expanded training curriculum, and provide consulting expertise to extend the capabilities of Aleri’s professional services team. GlobalSoft is now busy ramping up on Aleri’s technology and product offerings and will soon form part of the expanded services team.

GlobalSoft was selected because of their experience in developing training programs and materials for software vendors, and for the complementary technical expertise in the middleware, business intelligence, and data management domains.

About Aleri

Aleri, a leading provider of enterprise-class complex event processing (CEP) technology and CEP-based solutions, provides a high performance platform to quickly build and deploy real-time applications that can analyze and respond instantly to high-volume, high-speed data to minimize risk and increase competitive advantage. In March of 2009 Aleri merged with Coral8, combining two leading providers of CEP technology to expand market reach and increase the speed of innovation for next-generation, real-time event processing technology and solutions. The combined product family offers a comprehensive software suite for developing, implementing and delivering real-time analytics and Continuous Intelligence™ for time-critical business decisions.

Aleri is a global company headquartered in Chicago with offices in Mountain View, New York, New Jersey, London, and Paris. For more information, visit

About GlobalSoft

GlobalSoft is a global software consulting organization focused on helping software vendors extend their capabilities to meet their customers needs. GlobalSoft operates as an extension of a vendor's service or engineering organization, applying our skills and talents to meet the resource needs of a growing vendor. Our close working relationship allows our software vendor partners to meet their growth opportunities without excessive commitment or risk.