MDM Data Enrichment Adapters

GlobalSoft's MDM adapters provide fast and easy access to industry-leading sources to enrich your trusted data with even more information. Automatically extending your data with information from external sources such as Dun & Bradstreet® or Acxiom® makes your data even more valuable.

Adapters Portfolio

  Data Source Data Services   Availability
  Dun & Bradstreet Comapny Search WorldBase Marketing Financial Standing   Available

Bloomberg API (BLPAPI)


In development

  Acxiom InfoBase PersonicX   TBD
  Experian ConsumerView BehaviorBank Business Data   TBD
  Custom Custom adapter to external or internal sources developed on request   Build to Order

Fast Set-Up

MDM adapters from GlobalSoft provide secure and configurable automated pipelines to public APIs of data providers. These MDM adapters allow companies to augment their data quickly without time-consuming and hard-to-maintain hand-coded solutions. Packaged, tested and supported, these adapters meet the needs of the growing MDM user community.

  • Easy 'Plug-in' architecture enables configuration of MDM Adapters via the MDM Development UI. Data elements are easy to select and map.
  • Fast No coding is required - just install and configure.
  • Multi-Mode Both Real-time and Batch operations are supported allowing flexibility in operations.

Easy to Use

Working closely with Informatica®, GlobalSoft designed MDM adapters that are tightly integrated, plug-in components to the Informatica MDM Hub and are exposed via the Hub Console . Once installed, an adapter can be configured to access third party data sources as a hub cleanse function, allowing external data to be retrieved as part of a map. Maps are available for processing via real-time APIs or batch operations into the hub.

System Requirements

The following are the supported System Requirements for the MDM Hub Analyzer. In general these match the System Requirements for the MDM Hub but there may be some differences. If other platforms are required, please contact GlobalSoft.

Operating System Application Servers Required Software
  • Windows
  • HP-UX
  • Solaris
  • Linux
  • AIX
  • JBoss AS
  • JBoss EAP (RedHat)
  • WebLogic
  • WebSphere
  • Informatica MDM Hub
  • Oracle

No Proxy Hassles

GlobalSoft's MDM adapter is a plug-in to the Hub Console , so developers can simply use it as any other function within the MDM environment and can include it in any mapping. This enables the adapter to operate with no coding. Access and proxy settings are also configurable, simplifying the move from test to production. Thanks to this simplicity, MDM developers can focus on leveraging third-party data without the distraction of creating access to it.

GlobalSoft can build adapters between an Informatica MDM Hub and many other systems using our adapter framework. If you have a data source that you would like to connect to your MDM Hub, contact us at