Consulting Services

At the core of GlobalSoft is our deep understanding of data management and the challenges of integrating complex enterprise systems. Our consultants bring skills and experience gained on challenging projects across many industry segments, with backgrounds from global system integrators and technology vendors.

GlobalSoft provides a full range of services tailored to meet the unique and specific needs of our clients with the deployment and operations of Informatica® MDM technology, including Consulting Services for analysis and design of MDM solutions, Project Deployment Services for installation and configuration of MDM solutions.

Informatica MDM stands unique with its metadata driven platform that is fully configurable to allow modelling of all types of master data and their association with data models of any choice within a single platform.  Using this uniquely driven framework ensures that the consolidated records at the cell level consist of the most reliable information available from the data.

Consulting Services

GlobalSoft helps clients with the challenges of adopting MDM, either dealing with the initial project, or extending the MDM solutions to deliver new benefits. Our expert consultants gather requirements, undertake source data analysis, design data governance processes and architect appropriate MDM solutions.

Project Deployment

GlobalSoft has extensive experience deploying Informatica MDM, initially gained while working with Siperian and continued with Informatica. Our Project Deployment Services for installation and configuration of MDM solutions help customers both with initial deployment and extending existing MDM solutions. Projects typically include:

  • Installation of MDM environments
  • Configuration of MDM Hub or IDD
  • Adding data sources, including the use of SIF