MDM Hub Analyzer

Operational Insight for your MDM environment

GlobalSoft's MDM Hub Analyzer provides Informatica® MDM administrators and operations staff with insight into the operations of the MDM solution by providing analytical displays of key operational metrics. By interrogating the MDM Hub's metadata tables and log files, and gathering statistics from the database and file systems, GlobalSoft's MDM Hub Analyzer is able to compile multiple views of MDM operations, providing charts and tables essential to understanding the underlying performance and health of an MDM solution. This speeds the ability to isolate and improve operations.

The metrics are combined in easy-to-use dashboards focused on answering crucial questions:

  • How fast is the hub processing data?
  • Where exactly are performance issues?
  • Which match rules are effective?
  • Are records being cleansed?
  • Are the SLAs for MDM operations being met?
  • How fast is data growing and when will more storage be needed?

Key Benefits

  • Allows forecasting of long-term trends in performance and growth of the MDM system.
  • Determines the productiveness of the matched rules over time so the hub's configuration can be continuously improved.
  • Identifies the operations that are affected due to performance issues.
  • Provides quick isolation of performance issues to appropriate area so the team can focus on the infrastructure or on the configuration.
  • Acts as a repository that can drive alerting and custom reporting without affecting the hub performance.

GlobalSoft's MDM Hub Analyzer provides operational insight without affecting the performance of the hub. The analyzer can be accessed even if the hub is unavailable.

Key Features

  • Real-time dashboard for monitoring up-to-the-minute activity.
  • Graphs and charts of key operational metrics divided into four functional domains:
    • Throughput
    • SLA
    • Match & Data Quality
    • Data Capacity
  • Drill-down capability for more granular investigations.
  • User-selectable reporting periods to allow trending and issues diagnostics
  • Modular product architecture to allow custom collectors to report on additional metrics

Real-Time Dashboard

It is essential to the operations of your MDM Hub to monitor the current state and activities of your Hub. The MDM Hub Analyzer provides this capability with its Real-Time Dashboard, providing a near-real time view of current operations and activities. And should you miss some key event, the playback functionality lets you go back in time to see what was happening while you were away, either during the same batch window, or days earlier.

The Real-Time Dashboard provides visibility into the activities during your batch window, displaying currently running jobs, capturing alerts, and presenting the system resources being consumed by Hub activity.


To understand how the MDM Hub has been operating, and to be better able to predict how it will operate in the future, you need to be able to view essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) over time. This trending will allow you to troubleshoot issues and predict future behavior. The MDM Hub Analyzer provides this essential reporting in four functional domains along with drill-down capabilities for more granular analysis.

Throughput Dashboard

Quickly see if slow throughput is an issue and if so determine which operatons are affected. This dashboard also includes graphs of key system IO metrics to see it throughput is isoloated to MDM functions or related to system wide issue.

Included KPIs
Records loaded per seconds Matches per second Database IO
Records Cleansed per seconds Merges per second Filesystem IO
Records Tokenized per seconds slowest jobs by job type Averge rate load & Merge

SLA Dashboard

This dashboard allows the MDM operator to understand when hub processing has exceeded batch windows. it also shlows the average amount of processing time per each day of the week to quickly determine if there is a dependency on a specifice process. processing times are shown by each operation type allowing the operations team to quickly focus on the area of most benefit.

Included KPIs
Daily System Usage Processing Time bye Day of Week Long Running Jobs

Match and Data Quality Dashboard

Understanding the productivity and success of data matching is valuable to ongoing MDM Hub operations. This dashboard will allow operator to see which match rules to modify. Potentially crop or change their auto/manual merge status.

Included KPIs
Match count per match rule Unmerge count per match rule Rejected Record Count
Manual matches merged count Validated Address Count  

Data Capacity Dashboard

During the lifetime of the hub projecting data growth is essential to keeping the system sized correctly. This dashboard shows how the system is growing and gives provides insight aboiut any unanticipated chages in growth, which can be further reviewed.

Included KPIs
Consolidated Object count by object and state History Record Count
Cross Reference count by object and state Tablespace Used over time

System Requirements

The following are the supported System Requirements for the MDM Hub Analyzer. In general these match the System Requirements for the MDM Hub but there may be some differences. If other platforms are required, please contact GlobalSoft.

Operating System Application Servers Required Software
  • Windows
  • HP-UX
  • Solaris
  • Linux
  • AIX
  • JBoss AS
  • JBoss EAP (RedHat)
  • WebLogic
  • WebSphere
  • Informatica MDM Hub
  • Oracle