MDM Solutions

Master Data Management (MDM) software solutions link together critical data from across an organization that is consolidated, compared, matched and aggregated to create a trusted master file. MDM streamlines data sharing across an organization and facilitates computing in multiple system architectures, platforms and applications.

GlobalSoft has been an early provider of Informatica® MDM services, helping organizations make informed business decisions with reliable information. By eliminating data discrepancies across disparate sources and integrating core business data into processes, our clients are able to rely on their operational and analytical systems for accurate information.

GlobalSoft's MDM solutions are packages of software, services or a combination of both, designed to optimize the MDM experience.

Informatica Partnership

GlobalSoft has been a trusted service partner of both Informatica and Siperian, working with Siperian since 2005 and continuing with Informatica after the merger. For both Siperian and Informatica, GlobalSoft has been an essential part of their strategy to meet the needs of their customers. GlobalSoft has helped implement MDM solutions across the customer base, and has been essential in the development and delivery of MDM training. More recently, GlobalSoft has used this close relationship to develop complementary products to assist Informatica MDM Hub customers to get more value from their investment. Check out our company and our MDM solutions on the Informatica Marketplace.