MDM Performance Tuning and Planning

An MDM system is a large repository of linked data from many sources, making it vulnerable to performance issues. With rapidly growing volumes of source data, merged data, relationship data and meta-data, many parts of the system can exhibit poor performance. When several underperforming areas are combined, they often deliver unacceptable levels of MDM system performance that deteriorates with time.

GlobalSoft's MDM Performance Tuning and Planning Services identify performance bottlenecks and provide recommendations for areas and ways to gain improvements.

Examples of common business issues due to poor MDM system performance are:
  • Degradation of operational performance due to long "batch windows" for processing reference data
  • Delay in real-time activity when a transaction relies upon a poor performing MDM system for information
  • Frustration and unwillingness to use MDM Systems with slow response times by both data stewards and other users of the MDM system
  • Rapid decrease in performance as the amount of data increases on already slow systems

Tuning MDM System Performance

While complex, an MDM system with a three-tier architecture can be tuned to improve performance. Each tier has its own resource dependencies and “performance points” -- locations where performance issues are caused. GlobalSoft’s performance review and testing methodology quickly determines bottlenecks and identifies the best options to remove them to improve your MDM system performance.

Typical 3 Tier MDM Architecture

Improving MDM System Performance

Performance requirements vary for each MDM deployment. GlobalSoft uses a multi-faceted approach to performance tuning and planning. Each aspect provides different insight into the root cause and the likely improvement in performance from tuning.

Performance Review

A qualitative assessment of performance is important to planning for future growth or a new phase, ensuring future development will accommodate performance needs.

Based on an in-depth review of current performance data, environment details and MDM configuration, GlobalSoft produces a report on recommendations and expected performance based on best practices that includes observations around database parameters and infrastructure as well as MDM configurations.

Performance Characterization

Characterization quantifies the impact of a set of recommended changes resulting from a performance review. A series of test runs are made based on individual changes measuring the actual performance impact of each adjustment. Based on the results, the most promising combinations of changes are selected for additional testing. The data is then consolidated into a report showing the projected performance benefits of each potential choice.

Performance Benchmarking

If an MDM environment is experiencing performance issues, benchmarking is an expedient way to determine where to focus efforts. A suite of benchmark tests is run on a copy of an existing operational reference store (ORS). These tests are then run on a hardware test setup with known performance characteristics to determine quickly if performance characteristics are driven primarily by underlying infrastructure or by hub configuration.