Professional Services

GlobalSoft consultants bring years of experience and a deep understanding of how to deploy customer-facing software. We work seamlessly with our clients to

  • learn and understand specific new technology domains,
  • quickly become experts in their technologies,
  • understand both the business and the deployment challenges they face,
  • run projects within their organizations,
  • help maintain customer installations.

GlobalSoft's role varies depending on a vendor's needs. As experts in helping customers with their technology challenges, our consultants extend the skills and capabilities of vendors so they can better address their customers' challenges in the following areas:

  • leading the delivery of projects
  • providing architecture and design
  • filling a need for senior technology resources
  • mentoring of customer project members
  • project review

GlobalSoft consultants are available for both short-term and long-term engagements, and function as integrated members of a vendor's team.