Training Services

GlobalSoft provides comprehensive training services for software vendors to establish and extend their education offering. By leveraging GlobalSoft's extensive training experience and domain knowledge, software vendors are able to offer up-to-date training on products and methodologies. GlobalSoft services include development of training materials and courseware, as well as the delivery of training courses. Additionally, GlobalSoft offers program management for those organizations that can benefit from an externally managed and delivered training function.

Explore GlobalSoft's full range of training services:
  • Courseware development
  • Training delivery
  • Training program management

Courseware development

GlobalSoft will work with you to understand how best to train your customers, and then develop comprehensive courseware to meet your needs. A typical courseware development follows this approach:

  • GlobalSoft works with the vendor to learn the product thoroughly.
  • Working closely with the vendor's training, engineering and service delivery teams, an outline is developed.
  • Content and labs are written.
  • These are then reviewed with the vendor and revised.
  • A dry run and initial training session are held to test the material.
  • Final revisions are made.
  • Courseware updates follow significant changes in the products or methods.

Training Delivery

GlobalSoft's experienced consultants deliver training and training materials either on-site through lectures, demos and hands-on labs, or remote through instruction and labs with interactive feedback and participation. Our hands-on approach ensures effective knowledge transfer, and helps validate the training for the attendees.

GlobalSoft training delivery services are provided through the same consulting team that works directly with each vendor on professional services. Our team can function either as the principal delivery vehicle, or as an extension to a vendors' existing service delivery team. In many cases, our consultants participate in the courseware development as well.

Thanks to our deep experience in product deployment, our instructors can focus on training the technical staff that will actually deploy the product.

Training Program Management

GlobalSoft provides comprehensive management of our clients' technology training programs. This allows software vendors to provide their customers with training in the deployment, configuration use and understanding of their products and technologies without building a costly in-house training organization.

Primary Features

Training Program Management provides the following features:

  • Development of a strategy and business plan for the training program
  • Development of course offerings and profiles
  • Management of content development
  • Management of schedules, course delivery and evaluation
  • Management of training delivery resources and vendors
  • Marketing of course availability and delivery schedules
  • Coordination of internal resources with external providers
  • Management of training facilities

Strategy & Planning

Course Development

Course Delivery

Update and Improvements

  • Define Business Objectives
  • Develop goal for program
  • Define Strategy
  • Develop Training Plan
  • Develop Outline of Course
  • Manage Development of Materials
  • Develop Course Schedule
  • Arrange Facilities
  • Engage Instructor
  • Market to Customers
  • Project Manage Delivery
  • Course Evaluation
  • Add New Course as necessary
  • Update for Product Changes
  • Continuously Evaluate
  • Implement Changes