Virtual Offshore Entity - Resource Cost Calculator

To appreciate the financial advantages of our Virtual Offshore Entity (VOE) service it is best to compare your options. This calculator compares cost estimates for the salary of a US based software engineering team to the salary of an equivalent VOE engineering team. With this comparison and an estimate of savings you can quickly grasp the financial benefits of the VOE model.


  1. Enter your corporate burden rate. (Default rate 18%)
  2. Enter your expected fee to recruiters to help find the best staff. (Default rate 25%)
  3. Enter the number of engineers, based on experience level, that you are looking for in each of the functional areas.
  4. Then enter the annual compensation in US dollars you would be paying per person for each level and function if you expanded your current team.

Once you are happy with the comparison, generate a custom PDF report that you can share with others in your company. Feel free to return to this page to carry out additional comparison activities as your software engineering needs change.

Resource Cost Matrix

Burden Rate    %   Recruitment Fee    %
Resources   Development   Technical Support   QA
Level Experience   QTY Compensation   QTY Compensation   QTY Compensation
Senior 7+ yrs.      
Mid-level 4-7 yrs.      
Junior 1-3 yrs.