Virtual Offshore Entity - How it Works

Once established, the Virtual Offshore Entity (VOE) works that same as an ISVs current business, at least from the engineering perspective. Management determines strategies and sets directions and goals. Tasks are assigned, processes are followed, and performance is reviewed, just as if the staff in the VOE were employed by the ISV directly. When additional engineering staff are needed, a request is made to GlobalSoft to recruit new staff based on job descriptions. The ISV defines where in the hiring process they want to get involved and final staff selection is made by the ISV.

In this arrangement, payments are made for VOE facilities and staff salaries. Usually the facilities charge is separate from the salaries and the salary payments are specific to each staff member giving the ISV and GlobalSoft the flexibility to negotiate salaries based on the unique qualifications of each candidate.

To estimate comparative savings check out the Resource Cost Calculator.

The Virtual Offshore Entity Model consists of four phases:

  • Recruiting
  • Setup
  • On-boarding
  • Operating

Each of the phases includes tasks that are either primarily the responsibility of the GlobalSoft VOE or the ISV client, as shown in the table below.

     Recruiting    Set-Up    On-Boarding    Operating

Job Description Specialized Hardware Internal Product Training Establish Functional Objectives
  Final Interviews ISV-specific software Specific Technology
Manage Functional Activities
  Authoriz to Hire VPN Acess Company Orientation an on-the-job Training Feedback and Performance Reviews

Recruitment Facilities and Workspaces Travel Arrangements Administrative Requirements
Phone Lines   Payroll
  Job Offer Internet Access   HR Function