GlobalSoft Webinar Series

Thank you for your interest in GlobalSoft and our webinar series. We hope you find them interesting and insightful.

GlobalSoft is a leader in MDM, having assisted over 40 clients on 4 continents to deploy and optimize their Informatica MDM solution.  GlobalSoft has been a pioneer in the MDM domain, working with Siperian in the early days and continues that close partnership with Informatica today.

These webinars cover a variety of topics for which GlobalSoft has acquired insights and expertise.  In some case, GlobalSoft has turned this knowledge into products or services which may be helpful in managing your MDM solution.

Upcoming Webinars:

GlobalSoft is currently offering the following webinars.  Please review and register for those of interest.

All webinars begin at 12PM Eastern / 9AM Pacific / 17:00 GMT

  Webinar Date Duration  

15 May 2013

60 minutes


17 July 2013

30 minutes


18 September 2013

60 minutes


13 November 2013

60 minutes

Replay of previously delivered Webinars:

The following are popular recordings for previously delivered webinars. Please select Replay to view.

  Webinar Delivery Date Duration  

05 Apr 2012

56 minutes